Technisys: A True Omnichannel Digital Banking Experience

Miguel Santos, Co-Founder & CEO, TechnisysMiguel Santos, Co-Founder & CEO
It all started in mid 1990s, when the internet was radically transforming the way consumers accessed financial services. Taking the time to go to brick-and-mortar bank branches or an ATM to conduct the simplest transactions slowly started becoming a thing of the past. To end this need, three entrepreneurs Miguel Santos, Adrian Iglesias, and German Pugliese Bassi, emphasizing on internet banking products, laid the cornerstone of Technisys in 1996. “In the banking industry, customers increasingly want a fast, safe experience with their financial institution anytime, anywhere,” cites Miguel Santos Co-Founder and CEO of Technisys. “We were working on new ideas for banking technology, and we thought the Internet could be a big solution by offering home banking.” This idea progressed over time and the company began exploring advanced banking applications for web-based technologies such as branch automation, self-service kiosks, ATMs, and web call centres. Concomitantly, with the onset of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the company developed its product offering into an integrated multi-channel banking suite, which solved the rising channel integration problems.

Mastering SOA, Technisys vanguards the core banking arena with its Cyberbank Core—a new generation, process oriented, multi-channel, multicurrency, multi-bank, core banking system. It rapidly aligns technology with business needs by allowing banks to launch new services in record time. Furthermore, Cyberbank Core helps in keeping the bank’s system updated on current regulation changes through business rule management tools operated by non-technical personnel. Cyberbank Core handles multiple currencies and languages and efficaciously carries out other branch transactions within the same system. As a multi-dimensional solution, it creates an integral customer view across all points of contact by combining customer information, products, and transactions.

Digital channel convergence—the main focus for Technisys, is one of the most relevant trends in digital banking today

Alongside, Cyberbank Omnichannel—an omnichannel technology solution from Technisys—guarantees a positive user experience across all bank-customer interactions. “The banks should be reaching the customer in a holistic way. That means allowing them to connect via the Web, tablet, ATMs, smartphones and new wearable devices,” notes Santos. “Digital channel convergence—the main focus for Technisys, is one of the most relevant trends in digital banking today.” Cyberbank Multichannel Manager platform proffers services across various delivery channels, including branches, tellers, ATMs, internet, call center, and mobile devices.

Vindicating such expertise, Banco Republica Oriental del Uruguay (BROU) bank approached Technisys as they faced challenges in satisfying the increasing transactional demand of their customers. The bank had plans to build a new scalable and multichannel platform that would position the bank in a prominent position with regards to the development of electronic channels. “We chose Technisys because they offered a multichannel solution that was already implemented and tested. Our priority was ‘going out’ from a banking solution for individuals and turning to a multichannel platform through the migration of those customers,” says Favio Calabuig, BROU’s Direct Banking Manager. With the implementation of Cyberbank Omnichannel, the bank currently has a consolidated technological platform— creating a self-service channel for companies of any size.

“Banking is moving into a whole new dimension. We are thinking about watches and other wearables,” says Santos. The firm’s culture lies on its innovation, its team’s talent and its vision of the future. Governed by an aim to build deep-rooted relationships with clients, Technisys is continually innovating and developing solutions that allow customers to offer the best user experience through multiple devices, bringing them the right product at the right time.