Pumori Banking Software: Centralized Solutions for Banks

Sanjib Raj Bhandari, Chairman, Software Division, Pumori Banking SoftwareSanjib Raj Bhandari, Chairman, Software Division
Core Banking Systems have come a long way since they first emerged; coupled with the emergence of new technologies focused on the convergence of digital channels along with the increase in scalability and flexibility. These solutions are enhancing the mobility for customers and bank staff, alongside presenting real-time channel processing and multi-channel integration capabilities. Pumori Banking Software of Mercantile Office Systems Pvt. Ltd. is empowering banks with numerous such capabilities through its innovative and reliable software platform designed to build centralized solutions for banks, financial institutions, and cooperative sectors. “It is user friendly and facilitates complete automation along with low cost upgrade and rapid migration,” begins Sanjib Raj Bhandari, Chairman of Mercantile.

Pumori is built with robust programming tools like Delphi 7, Delphi RAD, .NET, SQL Server, and uses Three Tier Architecture for portability and flexibility. Armed with an online multi-user, multi-currency banking software, Pumori supports high-volume transactions processing and provides embedded workflow management. It improves operational efficiency with increased automation and a wide range of functionality delivered through Pumori’s modules. “Our product, Pumori Enterprise, is a fully centralized web-based system with low bandwidth requirement, which plays a vital role in performing transactions in rural areas,” adds Raj Bhandari. “We cater to the entire spectrum of the financial sector through various versions of our software.” Pumori IV Plus is designed for large commercial and development banks, and Pumori Micro Finance caters to the microfinance industry while their FinCoSys focuses on cooperative institutions.

The company understands that every client is unique based on their size, complexity, and the industry they cater to or the services they provide. “We have a customized Pumori solution that will meet every customer’s needs owing to its modularity and standardized framework, processes, and tools,” explains Surendra Siddhi Bajracharya, Director-Software Division, Mercantile. “As we customize our solution based on individual customer needs, the core Pumori software and the functionality don’t change. This enables us to keep the costs down.

Surendra Siddhi Bajracharya, Director, Software Division
By adopting this approach we have been able to cater to more than 75 clients covering large scale commercial banks, mid-size development banks and small financial institutions.” Mercantile joined hands with Nepal Bank, one of the biggest banks in Nepal in terms of balance sheet size and branch footprint, to upgrade the bank’s 80 branches which were running on distributed databases to Pumori Plus centralized database solution. The bank was facing a number of challenges related to accounting, operations, customer service, and reporting by running two different banking platforms in parallel. Mercantile assisted the client by consolidating their operations on a unified database using a single banking platform, Pumori IV Plus.

We cater to the entire spectrum of the financial sector through various versions of our software

With the implementation of Scrum agile methodology, Pumori is able to deliver faster and higher quality service to customers looking for frequent changes in the core banking space. “The biggest investment Pumori has made is changing the culture to move from waterfall development to agile development methodology,” adds Bajracharya. “As our customers are looking to improve their services, we use our agile expertise to come up with feasible solutions that will enhance the operational efficiency and ensure compliance at all times.”

As Mercantile is growing by gaining major market share across countries, they have started embracing new approaches like Model-View-ViewModel—a software architectural pattern—in order to decouple the user interface from the business application logic and data access. “We are working toward continuous modernization of our Pumori suite of products based on the latest technological trends in the banking industry, enabling us to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers,” concludes Raj Bhandari.