NYMBUS: Core Banking for the Modern Day Needs

Scott Killoh, Executive Chairman, NYMBUSScott Killoh, Executive Chairman
The world of fintech is moving at blazing speed, and we are spearheading the evolution of core banking on behalf of our entire ecosystem; including investors, team members and customers,” begins Scott Killoh, Executive Chairman of NYMBUS. The Miami Beach, FL based NYMBUS is poised to revolutionize the banking industry through its modern and all-encompassing approach to core infrastructures. Its cutting edge software is developed to evolve seamlessly with both banks and their tech-savvy customers. It fuses core banking functionality and a cloud-based infrastructure into a singular, modern solution—providing efficiency and ease-of-use to the global banking community. “We are a modern core processing platform, cloud-built-for-the-internet age and a true SaaS product,” says Killoh.

The NYMBUS platform offers comprehensive front, middle, and back-end processes with seamless integrations to overhaul the decades-old, siloed systems currently powering the world’s banks. “Our system is core designed with bankers and consumers in mind from the very start,” notes Killoh. With the objective to streamline banking process, NYMBUS features a single point of sign-on to a central hub, complete with a customizable dashboard, semantic search capability, and a holistic view of every bank customer. These features, along with an extensive reporting system, gives bankers access to any and all information they need—increasing productivity and, in turn, building customer loyalty.

NYMBUS’s customer dashboard allows users to access all the details regarding customer accounts, performed operations, and find related documents in a single view. Adding further credence, the platform creates a folder hierarchy that is capable of remembering the common and frequent searches— making it easy for users to quickly retrieve the history of every document. It allows users to leave comments or notes, creating a conversation, making content creation and gathering much more effective for every document.

Because we have built-in CRM features, not only will the user be able to know the customer, but will also be able to serve the customer better

“Through our sleek, scalable, user-friendly software, we are able to ensure that the experience for both bankers and customers is as evolved as it should be in the present century,” asserts Alex Lopatine, CEO of NYMBUS. The firm’s core processing user interface is clean and easy-to-use which allows users to find the essential requirements and gives a well organized workspace on any device. Alongside, NYMBUS has launched its new-generation product, SmartCore, aimed at community banks and credit unions. SmartCore is offered on a fully hosted basis and is set to take on the well-entrenched, traditional players in the market.

“NYMBUS is a full-stack banking platform with end-to-end data integration to every layer of the stack,” asserts Killoh. It drives user performance and productivity by eliminating the need to memorize multiple passwords or jump from one application to another to get the work done. “Because we have built-in CRM features, not only will the user be able to know the customer, but will also be able to serve the customer better,” emphasizes Killoh. NYMBUS is set to accelerate product deployment and infrastructure teams to support momentum in their SmartCore platform.

Forging ahead, NYMBUS aims to meet the needs of banking operations at any scale. As financial institutions are looking to take the next important step in their evolution, NYMBUS is revolutionizing the community banking industry. The firm’s goal and vision for the future of finance is to empower the banking industry to more efficaciously reach their consumers without compromising security, productivity, or daily operations.