Automated Systems: Core Processing Solution for Improved Customer Service

Acknowledging information technology as the prime facilitator for transformation in the banking sector, the idea of Automated Systems was conceived three decades back by a development team with skills honed in financial management and banking software. The company was contrived to develop advanced solutions for core processing, digital banking, and document management that allow banks to compete with their regional and multinational counterparts. “Consumers are becoming more tech savvy every day; paying bills at the touch of a button is becoming an expectation, not just a luxury,” says Bradley Perry, President and CEO, Automated Systems. The company, today, offers a complete suite of bank management applications delivering a superior level of service and support to tech-savvy customers and allows banks to streamline their operations and processes to a single source vendor. Since its inception, Automated Systems has evolved from being a small office with a handful of clients, to having more than 160 financial institutions as its customers from across 350 locations.

The ever-changing market dynamics and rapidly growing competition has instigated the banks to attain more leeway on the technology front, ushering the convergence of computing, information, and communications. However, with technology lying at the heart of core banking systems, a myriad of challenges like delivering cost effective products and services, and meeting customer demands for real-time and secure access to data platforms are paramount in today’s competitive financial services marketplace. For 35 years, Automated Systems has nurtured a valuable relationship with its clients to assist them in remaining a step ahead in the rapidly evolving financial industry with its flagship product— Insite Core Banking System—a core data processing solution devised to address the unique software needs in community banks. Insite Banking System’s intuitive, modular and user-centric design allows real-time access to signature cards and other customer-related documents with its embedded document-imaging module.

Customers can also access their current information instantly at any given time with a 24-hour telephone banking module interfacing with Insite.

Consumers are becoming more tech savvy every day; paying bills at the touch of a button is becoming an expectation, not just a luxury

Automated Systems’ core processing solution has integrated modules like Central Information File (CIF), Certificate of Deposit (CD), Demand Deposit Accounting (DDA), Direct Exception Processing (DEP) and others that provide ease of operation, management flexibility, and quick access to critical information, while eliminating third party vendors and fees. The powerful ODBC module allows customers to export account information from Insite Banking System applications into any SQL-compatible spreadsheet or database program along with maintaining the necessary levels of data security.

Insite Banking System’s Government Loan Accounting (GLA) module assists bank staff to automate and expedite rigorous loan servicing and processing requirements associated with government programs. With the help of GLA, lenders can skip relying on secondary market vendors for these servicing relationships and manage all facets of mortgage funding relationship themselves.

Automated Systems values the partnerships it has developed with community banks to design advanced solutions. “Early in our existence we identified the need for dedicated solutions geared to meet the needs of community banks. With the difference we have made for so many of our clients, we look ahead to having more opportunities to do so in the next 35 years,” concludes Perry.